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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the investigation continues into the motive and now the family of the pulse nightclub shooter. we have a live report from orlando, plus we discuss the debate of using the name of the person responsible. a san jose police officer killed in the line of duty. details on the accident that took his life and how the department is coping with the loss. plus, children are heading outside as summer vacation kicks off. we're talking to a professional athlete turned psychologist about keeping them safe and happy. nothing wrong with this song at all, right, sal? >> i love it. >> on a day like today it's perfectly fine to play a song that just makes you feel a little better. starting off your morning with a live look in our own backyard. it's cool, but yes, we have hit
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the middle of june. we'll talk about the changing weather in a moment. but first, alex savidge in for mike mibach who is off today. we'll talk about the orlando nightclub shooting. help is coming for all those impacted by the nightclub shooting. the nation's deadliest mass shooting. >> more than $2 billion has already been donated to a newly established fund. >> and/or lando's world camping stadium, formerly known as the citrus bowl is opening up to help those victims of the attacks. caroline is live. >>reporter: good morning to you. a small silver lining as the investigation continues into the shooting. as you mentioned, this new fund with money and resources pouring in to help the people who have been impacted by the nightclub shooting. the nightmare caused by the orlando massacre is far from over, the city opened up a
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centralized support location for people directly affected by the shooting. >> child and family services, we have brief counseling, crime victim services, lodging, funeral services. >>reporter: loved ones of the dead and injured and club patrons witnessed the attack all welcome. >> my friend wasn't supposed to die in a bathroom on the floor. >>reporter: it comes after the establishment of the one orlando fund to raise money for affected communities now and in the future. the families of those killed also offered burial plots at a local cemetery. >> we have enough space at green wood that if all victims wanted to be buried there in one area, they could be. >> as the community heels, investigators are trying to determine why the shooter opened fire at the orlando pulse nightclub early sunday morning. there were reports he was a regular there and used gay dating apps. even though his father said his son was angered by seeing two men kissing a few months ago of.
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a law enforcement source tells us that his wife knew about her husband's plot. federal prosecutors have convened a grand jury to investigate. >> nine out of ten people want to do good and want to help and those people and their love and caring will overcome the evil that we find in one out of ten. >>reporter: questions remain over whether trendily fire could have added to the death toll. the autopsies have been completed, but the results have not been released. back to you guys. >> caroline, thank you. at this point german investigators say they're looking into a bank account in germany held by the father of the orlando gunman. the father posted the bank information in a 2013 video soliciting donations. the bank says the account is now close sxd received two payments of about $100 each. the gunman's father has videos online where he talks about afghan political issues. >> more survivors are now sharing their stories.
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the shooting victims are describing a night of sheer terror, saying the gunman just kept shooting, moving from one part of the nightclub to another. one survivor says she and her friends hit in a bathroom, but the gunman came in. one of her friends was killed. >> the gunman entered the bathroom and was shooting his machine gun. so we're all, like, scrambling around to the bathroom screaming at the top of our lungs when he was in there for the first time. then people are getting hit by bullets, blood is everywhere. >> doctors are saying that there were 44 shooting victims taken to orlando regional medical center. 27 of them still are in the hospital today. and six of them remain in critical condition. >> the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub has brought up the debate over using the name of the person responsible for a heinous act. on monday, live here on the 9, we brought you a news conference and let's list be n again to what the agency's -- listen again to the agency's director
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talking about naming the perpetrator. >> you will notice that i'm not using the kit killer's name and i will try not to do that. part of what motivates people to do this sick thing is a twisted notion of fame or glory and i don't want to be a part of that and so that other twisted minds don't think this is a path to fame and recognition. >> we did ask this morning people around the bay area to weigh in on the question of whether or not media, law enforcement should use the shooter's names. here are some of the responses we're getting. >> i would not like to know his name. because it would be -- i think it's probably giving him fame for what he wanted to do. >> this guy did a terrible thing and the people need to know everything they possibly can about this person so they can get some type of idea, you know, where this all happened and how it happened. >> i think i would be okay with never finding out who he was because it's more about the victims of the shooting and not
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about the person, whatever intent he had, whatever evil is in his heart, that is not the point. the point is to focus on the victims and focus on the people who died from this malicious act. >> what she said at the very end, that's exactly the point of a group called no notoriety. the group has come out before and is said to essentially the media, do not report the names of the attacksers. don't give them, perhaps, fame they're looking for. the website was started by the parents of one of the victims of the theater shooting in aurora, colorado. they argue that the quest for infamy is a motivating factor in some mass killings and copycat crimes. they are challenging reporters and anchors not to name the suspect unless they're still at large. they also ask the media to refrain from showing pictures of the perpetrators. >> i think the aspect of the
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photos is key. a lot of times we're seeing the social media selfies from the killers in these cases and they're being spread across all the news channels and people seeing them over and over. so maybe from a visual standpoint, seeing those photos over and over makes it look as though we're glamour eyeing this american who perpetrated this crime. >> and the other point of the issue, a media study says we are responsible for naming the person, finding out as much as we can about this person, where he got his gun, what motivated him to do this, so we find out who these people are and hopefully prevent the next shooting. and that's been brought up as well. >> right. something else i know the pointer institute mentioned, if you don't put the name out there, how do people who might have information about the attackers, how do they know to come forward? there have been cases where somebody terrible happens, the
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name is broadcast, people say hey, he told me he was going to do something bad in college or i was at the bar with that guy and he mentioned something like that. >> that was the case with the virginia tech massacre, many teachers and students came forward and said there were red flags in the past, helping that investigation move forward, providing context for what happened. >> and if people are speculating who this person is, if we put out the actual correct name, it prevents misinformation and perhaps the wrong people being called suspects. we want to know what you think about this. >> and before we get to your comments, which we'll take on twitter, we'll bring in on the phone marion smith, an associate produce or of broadcast communications at san francisco state university. i'd like to start by asking what are your thoughts on naming the attacker or not? >> well, thank you for having me speak on this program. i think this is a very difficult issue. it's not a question of one way
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or another. it's a question of balance, finding the right balance, enough information to assist in the investigation and understand what's happened, but not so much naming and pictures of the perpetrator as to glorify that person as some -- as accomplished some great feat. >> do you think naming the perpetrator is more likely to encourage other would be killers or more likely to provide context for what happened, some reasoning for what happened and maybe prevent the next tragedy? >> both. it's a double sided, two-sided sword. so what you have to consider is how to balance these two sides, not give too much information as to glorify the person. unfortunately there are sick people that somewhere in their dark and disturbed minds, they
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want to go out in glory. we don't want to encourage those. we wish we didn't have those people in society. on the other hand, we do need more information to put these things in context and help others identify people who might go down that path or help identify for the victims' sake, you know, what happened and why it happened. i think that the families would like to know. also in terms of charging people with crimes. >> professor, you are training future journalists at san francisco state in the broadcast department. when this situation comes up, what are your students telling you? what is the gut instinct of these people who are our future journalists? do they want to name them, do they want to avoid it? >> our students want to know what is the right thing to do. two of the things we refer them
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to in terms of professional ethics are the codes that have been perpetrated, produced by the society of professional journalists and the radio television digital news directors' association. in both of those documents in the code of ethics, you can find statements about minimizing harm. >> professor smith, some people say to name the attacker. if we don't name the attacker, do we not name the shooter in the umpqua community college attack or the september 11 attackers? where does that stop? is that a concern you have? >> the concern is if we never name the person, they need to be identified. the concern is how often and in what context they're named. and it's one of the things with media, we have so many different voices in media now, so many different sources of news that the name is repeated over and over and over again. and if we can find a way to sort
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of minimize that -- and i understand that television news, especially, is a very visual medium. people like visual media. but to not use maybe a photo of the perpetrator for as long or to use a smaller one -- there has to be a way -- it's not -- there is not one hard and fast rule that will fit every situation. we need to realize this is difficult. >> it certainly is. professor smith from san francisco state joining us live on the 9. thank you for your input in the conversation. if i can sort of explain what we do here in our newsroom -- and this issue comes up every time there is a heinous crime as it did over the weekend. i think in the hours after the attack as police are releasing the name and as we're getting the name, we do use it because as you've pointed out, it can bring other useful information into the investigation. i agree that as the hours and days continue, we shift our
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coverage as well. perhaps some of us make the decision together in the newsroom, maybe we don't use the name so much. i'll point out if you've been watching mornings on 2, we've been using the shooter's picture. we've not been using his name as much as we were in the first hours and the first day after the shooting. >> we have that prolonged coverage that tends to be what the issue is. >> we've been showing more of the victims, trying to tell their story and how they came to be in that situation. >> absolutely. it is so important to focus on the victims, on the heroes, on the every day people who stepped in and helped rescue the victims. that is one of the things that the group no notoriety wants media organizations to do. they want -- they're not saying don't ever name the attacker. they want reporters to reread their script, ask themselves, instead of naming the attacker, can i put in the perpetrator? can i put in the attacker and also focus on the victims, focus on the every day heroes. i will point out in the most recent case and almost every one, we do tend to get the name
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of the attacker before we get any names or other information of the victims. >> very good point. >> so now you know a little more about what we go through here at ktvu as an organization and it's one that we revisit every single time something like this comes up. we want to hear from you. should mass shooters or suspects be named in the media? you say yes, tell us why, if you say no, explain your reasoning as well. use our hashtag, ktvu the 9. we'll revisit it in a few minutes. coming up, we have just received an update of the health of warriors center andrew bogut. news on whether the important big man will be able to return for the rest of the nba finals. new details in the search for a toddler snatched by an alligator. what disney is doing this morning as the search for that child continues.
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. welcome back. new this morning, bad news for warriors fans, although it's not un expected. the team just announced that center andrew bogut is out for the rest of the nba finals. he injured his left neon that play you see there in game 5 monday night. he'll miss game 6 and game 7 if it's necessary, which would be sunday night. doctors examined his mri and determined that he'll not need surgery, but suffered bone bruising and he'll be out for six to eight weeks. >> not good. changing weather here in the bay area. let's talk to steve paulson about that. >> it is cool for this time of year. temperatures will be well below average and the clouds continue to increase, especially to the north, mostly cloudy to the north bay mendocino county, parts of the sacramento valley.
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you go from chico north and it's a pretty high base. it is a sign of things to come as our system swings in. cool and breezy to windy. temperatures quite chilly. santa rosa a calm, but west winds are gusting. west at hayward to 22. 50s and very low 60s. we should be much warmer than this in mid-june. and temperatures are running compared to 24 hours ago. cooler for livermore, concord down six. napa airport down 5. santa rosa down 6. temperatures inland are continuing to take the plunge. rain is on the way, but for us it's going to take another probably 12 hours or so. but it looks like the north bay will get rain. not completely sold on it south, but light rain in the forecast
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tomorrow. 70s are the temps, way below average. continuing into thursday, slowly kick it up friday. it looks better for the weekend. i would plan on rain for tomorrow, mr. sal castaneda. >> i'm going to get my sleep and be ready for tomorrow's commute. shock and sadness is sweeping over the san jose police department. >> the force is trying to come to grips with the loss of a police officer, the 13th officer killed in the line of duty. >> he died in a crash while riding his motorcycle. we're live at san jose police headquarters where officers are paying tribute. >> sal, it is so difficult for the department, very devastating. they just lost another officer in a shooting last year. to lose another officer in this accident is just horrible here. you can see people are just starting to pay their respects and leave flowers here in front
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of police headquarters. and in the last ten minutes or so, we just saw officers from all over the bay area. they were waiting in front of the police department and they were escorted inside. they came from santa clara county sheriff's department. they were from mountain view, gilroy, campbell, all over the bay area. they were there to offer their condolences for 34-year-old motorcycle officer michael katherman. he was married with two sons, loved his family and job. he was on the force for 11 years and yesterday afternoon he was riding his police motorcycle on north tenth street when he collided with a mini van that made a left turn in front of him. he was thrown from the bike. he was taken to regional medical center where he was pronounced dead. san jose's police chief fought back tears last night as he talked about this devastating loss. >> he loved doing this job.
9:21 am
he loved his family. it's tragic. put a uniform on, left to go to work, wanted to see his family when he got off and he didn't make it. >> here is video of officers lined up last night at regional medical center. they were there to escort the body. the chief did tell us last night that a good samaritan had stopped to help give officer michael katherman first aid and he used his police radio to call for help. the driver of the minivan is cooperating and has not been arrested. alcohol and have been ruled out as factors in the deadly crash. while police are still investigating the exact cause of the crash, the department is just in shock, still in mourning and just not prepared to bury yet another officer. back to you. >> it's heartbreaking janine. thank you. businesses at a strip mall in south san jose are trying to salvage what's left of a fast moving fire overnight. investigators say the fire started before midnight in a
9:22 am
trash bin and spread quickly through the complex located on santa theresa boulevard. once flames reached the attic, the fire took off and crews could not stop it. at least a dozen businesses in the strip mall were destroyed, including a martial arts studio. no one was injured, but the fire threatened nearby homes. >> i'm heart struck. it's devastating. i'm bummed. all these people that own these businesses are going to be hurting so bad. the economy is bad enough now and with this, i can't believe it. >> more than 100 firefighters were called in to fight the fire. some of them are still at the scene right now watching for hot spots. an arson investigator is checking out the fire, but it's too early to determine a cause. devastating development to a story we've been following out of orlando. the sheriff announced there is no hope that a 2-year-old boy grabbed by an alligator last
9:23 am
night will be found alive. the little boy was in shallow water on a manmade beach near disney's grand floridian resort. he was with his family at the time in about one foot of water when an alligator dragged the little boy into the lake. it was being called a search and rescue operation, but there is no hope at this point to find the boy alive. disney closed the beaches at all florida are resorts and finished up a news conference. here is some of what disney had to say. >> we're dealing with this family now who, there is no question, will lose a 2-year-old child. it has been now about 15 hours since the child was taken into the water by the alligator, so we know that we are working on recovering the body of the child at this point. >> a very grim scene as the sheriff is giving an update just minutes ago the the sheriff says at this point he can only hope
9:24 am
to bring the little boy's family some sense of closure. we know divers are are resisting in the recovery efforts. marine units are using sonar equipment on the lake all in an effort to find the little boy's body. the sheriff added that disney has been at that site for 45 years and this is the first incident of its kind. heartbreaking. >> terrible story. coming up on mornings on 2: the 9, a bay area judge who has been in headlines for weeks over the brock turnerer sentencing is still feeling the fallout. the new case he won't be are presiding over because of that decision. flag thieves in the south bay. how officials say you can spot those thieves as law enforcement looks to make arrests.
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. waek to mornings on 2: the 9. the official start of summer right around the corner and that means children heading outdoors.
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>> 3.5 million kids under 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries every year. >> joining us, someone who knows a bit about getting hurt, dr. jason richardson, psychologist and former professional world champion bmx racer. i have to ask your worsed injury. >> actually a broken femur in 2006. that's the big bone in my right leg. i have about a $50,000 right leg. >> how do your experiences and your practice inform how you're parenting your two young children? >> it informs it greatly. i'm very particular about safety equipment, the quality and the fit. that's very important. too much times i see kids in our neighborhood, they're wearing their helmet and it's hanging to the side or the back. if you're going to wear helmet, make sure it fits and it hasn't been wrecked a million times already and it's going to do its
9:28 am
job. >> parent shouldn't go cheap, but some parents don't have the money for expensive stuff? do you suggest having them play the sports where they can get proper equipment? >> yeah. it's not always a matter of expense or not, but a i lot of times and invariably in my practice and olympic level -- at limb p pick level they're very much concerned about safety, but i see even in top amateur sports, they go all out on the bicycle or the shoes and a lot of times those dollars spent in other areas can be shifted towards safety equipment. there is a fine line between comfort and safety and i think those two can blend quite well and you can have fun and be comfortable and be secure in yourself that you have the right equipment. >> as a parent, how do i walk this line between making sure that my child is safe playing sports, but also not making them tentative in terms of how they compete? you want them to be safe, but you want them to get out there
9:29 am
and play hard and not hold back. >> as a bike racer or anybody racing, they say when it doubt, gas it. a lot of times when you're playing it safe, at least with -- you're playing with doubt or playing with caution, that actually -- those little hiccups of hesitation, that will actually lead to more injury. so go all out, do your best, and let the chips fall where they may. the important thing is trust. trusting that you have the right stuff. you have the right team behind you so that you can go out there and do your best. >> how do you look for a concussion? i'm sorry. i had a few of them myself, probably obvious. how do you look for them? >> a lot of times they can start with the team. some teams or coaches have what's called an impact test. and that's a neuro cognitive assessment where you can actually get your child's baseline. and it's great it's summertime
9:30 am
now because kids are not in school so they have the time to possibly get this done. get your child's baseline so that if there is a hit, knockout, loss of consciousness, that you can then retest them and see if there is a loss in cognitive functioning or not. other than that, dizziness, nausea, change in behavior, you want to expect if there is a concussion sustained, that you give your child a break. whether it's sports or even studying or even chores, give them a break. >> right. a lot of us automatically go to football when you talk about concussion. i know some 40-something dads who said i played football and no way will my child play football. about the concussion issue, but also treatment on the field that kids get on the field, that might be downright abusive. can you speak to that for a minute? >> i can. it's unfortunate because i work with a lot of of professional athletes and what i notice is
9:31 am
there is a great air of professionalism amongst coaching staff and the athletes. unfortunately, in some of the younger tiers, you get a lot of parents who wish they were or might be living through their children or kind of adhere to some outside pressure. forget religion, we get fanatical about our sports here, especially in warrior town too here. so it is hard on a child. and we don't need to be doing that. i think football is making changes, but it's not happening probably fast enough. but i know that there is the positive coaching alliance, which does training and things of that nature so that the coaches can learn to not only speak to the children, but speak to the families in such a way where it's more of a positive influence on the whole sport experience. because a lot of kids, by the time they're 13, if they're not
9:32 am
having fun with the sport, they're out of there. >> it is just a game, after all. >> that's right. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up on mornings on 2: the 9, there is a war of words between donald trump and president obama. in a moment, the controversial and highly charged term putting these two at odds. at odds.
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9:34 am
. we're checking twitter as we do this time of day every morning. a big question if you will this morning. a ton of responses to this. should media outlets report the name of the attacker in mass killings such as the orlando nightclub shooting. we talked about the ongoing process we go through here at ktvu and how we did name the attacker as soon as the information came out and how it can be helpful to others.
9:35 am
we talked about how we do dial down our coverage and certainly change it as the story itself changes. we asked you, should we be naming the shooters or not. many responses. i'll go down the list. bobby says they shouldn't have because some shooters do it for the notoriety. family and friends can be contacted separately. we need to know their names and picture. people may recognize them or the places they've been associated with. >> please stop showing him. can't look at that creepy wife beater anymore. let his victims be the focus. but michael says journalists' duty is to report news. media should not self center news based on its thinking of how some people might feel. >> others have that same sentiment. we have someone here, kay says give the stories less air time over time to lessen the impact, but still you must give the full story as journalists. it's a fine line that we have to walk. >> it is an issue that we revisit, not only unfortunately
9:36 am
as each major incident comes up, but through the course of the story. in the previous months we were reporting on the colorado movie theater shooting and at that point we figured it's two months out, the name is out there. we might say it once in our current story, but it's not going to be everywhere on screen, in the audio. as the story itself changes, we certainly do try to focus on the victims and the heroes, the every day heroes that arrive. but usually the first name to be released is that of the perpetrator. >> and we figure out when it's appropriate to use, especially in the follow up stories. >> we talk about it all the time. >> you can join our conversations using the hashtag k tv u the 9 and we'll see it and some of the responses will be read. president obama yesterday at a news conference fired back at republicans who have accused the president of being soft on terror because of his opposition to using the term radical islamic terrorism to describe
9:37 am
attacks such as the orlando nightclub shooting. >> what exactly would using this labeling accomplish? what exactly would it change? would it make isil less committed? not wunsz has an advisor said man, if we use that phrase, we're going to turn this whole thing around. >> the president turned to comments by republicans primarily donald trump saying their rhetoric is inspiring extreme ism among muslims. >> fueling isil's notion that the west hates muslims makes young muslims in this country and around the world feel like no matter what they do, they're going to be under suspicion and under attack. >> when i talk in -- >> meantime, donald trump fired back at a rally in north carolina yesterday, saying the orlando mass shooting backs up
9:38 am
his plan to ban muslims from entering the u.s. >> sought killer's parents emigrated from afghanistan, as the washington times reported, the children of muslim immigrant parents responsible for a growing number for whatever reason, a growing number of terrorist attacks. >> president obama is set to travel to orlando tomorrow where he'll be paying his respects to the victims' families. more on headlines we've been working on. let's go to dave clark. >> here are some of the stories we're following. in the final are primary of the presidential election season, hillary clinton had an easy victory. in yesterday's democratic primary in washington, d.c., clinton won almost 79% of the vote. bernie sanders had 21%. last night clinton and sanders met in washington, d.c. for about 90 minute. they did not talk to the media.
9:39 am
sanders said he would not endorse clinton just set. sanders called for a progressive platform at this summer's convention and wants new leadership of the committee. tomorrow, bernie sanders plans to address his supporters. the santa clara county judge who presided over the sexual assault trial of brock turner has been removed from an upcoming sexual assault case. it would have involved a male surgical nurse from kaiser accused of sexual assaulting a sedated woman. the district attorney called that decision to have him removed a rare and carefully considered step. and he didn't rule out removing the judge from other cases in the future. judge has been underfire since giving brock turner a six month jail sentence after being convicted of sexual assaulting
9:40 am
an unconscious woman outside a fraternity party. i'll send it back to you. new this morning, the fbi, state, and local law enforcement, they are announcing a reward to track down a serial killer and rapist from the '70s and '80s. investigators say this man committed at least 12 homicides, 45 rapes, and dozens of burglaries across the state, several right here in the bay area. kendall police are looking for a flag thief with maybe an injured ankle. this surveillance video captured a theft that happens two weeks ago. you see one man take the american flag from the porch, hops over a low fence, does not make it, trips and falls pretty hard on the ground. you can hear him complaining about the fact he hurt his ankle. the second man helps the guy up.
9:41 am
the injured man hobbles away. they take the flag with them. police say the second man also took a flag from right down the street. the video is up on our ktvu facebook page if you want to see more. also a lot of people still weighing in on the conversation about whether or not media outlets should be reporting the name of the attacker in mass killings such as the orlando shooting. that happening on the ktvu facebook page if you want to talk more about it with us. we hope you head there. we're following top stories coming out of our san francisco bureau. tara moriarty is live at the hall of justice. you're hearing the san francisco police commission will be meeting today? >>reporter: that's right. the police commission is going to be taking public comment about their use of force policy. they're getting ready to draft that. they want to get feedback from the community before the important date of june 22. there are two different versions
9:42 am
of the policy. there is more discretionary language in policy one. the policies are recommended, not required. in version 2, the language is mandatory, using shall and shall not. it's also the difference between reasonable force and minimal use of force. the meeting happens at 6 tonight at brat on elementary school. the lineup for the tenth an versely of the treasure island -- tenth anniversary of the treasure island music fest calendar. give me some of the names of the groups performing. >> a lot of them i don't know, so i guess i'm not hip with the times many of the bad things about. -- i'm not hip with the times. but i can tell you some of the people who are performing. i've got my list here. i'm not quite sure of these names. hip hop icon ice cube and his former nwa partners, mc renn and
9:43 am
djyella and is land i can rock band as well. about 20 acts will be performing october 15th and 16th. i do know ice cube. i know that one. [ applause ] >> or else. >> all right. i also kind of know mc renn a little bit. thank you very much, tara. >> you guys know ice cube and nwa? >> of course. then it's a sharp drop off after that. >> i'm with you on that. coming up here on mornings on 2: the 9, they had their start in lebanon and today are performing here in the bay area. we talk with a band using music to tackle some of today's biggest issues. we're at the alameda county fair and we're talking fair food, including the elvis burger. coming up, we'll have a very special guest for you.
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. the alameda county fair officially opens gates this morning. >> it draws fans with new and old attractions. >> grew up going to the fair. christein kafton is there now with the amazing food. >> i think i'm about the best ride going right now. let's head up, guys. when it comes down to the fair, you're looking for big personality, food, fair fun. guess what, guys. this is all three built into one. check out this ride. this, by the way is how i should come to work every day. if i could arrange this, this would be the perfect uber, i think. so we are here at the alameda
9:47 am
county fair with elvis tribute artist rick torres. you can see that amazing, beautiful, pink cadillac. it is un real. elvis getting out of the car. rick torres, elvis tribute artist. come over. we are talking alameda county fair and what is a fair without fair food. this car absolutely unbelievable. >> thank you. thank you very much. i love coming out to the fair, man. >>reporter: if we're talking fair food, we're talking everything that usually you keep off your plate and your diet, but this is the time to double down, get into it. and they have something here called the elvis burger. this is it right here. if you can see, it is a third bound angus beef burger on a chi bat a roll with peanut butter, jelly, bacon, a fried egg, and lettuce. elvis, are you going to eat that? >> i'll eat it, man. i'll put that down, mix it down with corn bread and a couple
9:48 am
buttermilk pancakes and we're all good. >>reporter: so tell me, elvis, the county fair has got to be a good time, right? >> absolutely. i love the county fair. i've been coming out here for all different occasions all the way up to the point where you come up for the halloween shows and all that stuff. make sure you come out. sun is out, bring all your kids, thank you very much. >> let's get that burger ready. it's not just elvis, it's the full size act. we have priscilla too. we're going to let you guys work on that burger. i think i'm going to pick one of the deep fried tasty treats here. let's see here. >> throw some lettuce on here. >>reporter: i'm going to go with -- i'm going straight for dessert. take a bite. >> take a bite, baby. >> reporter: take a bite. look at that, honey.
9:49 am
i'm going to get a shot. here we go. >>reporter: all right. i have been trying to wrestle with this and it's turned into a bit of a mess. delicious just the same. hey, we're going to have elvis sing us out because this is the alameda county fair. finger liking good, right, elvis. >> finger liking good. this is a great song for you. come on out, man. hit it, baby. here we go. >>reporter: ladies and gentlemen, rick torres, elvis tribute artist. >> nice. thank you, thank you very much, christian and he will elvis and priscilla. >> do we want to put a little buffer between that and the next guest? >> they're both artists. in 2008, the band formed in
9:50 am
lebanon at the american university of bay route. >> since then they have made a name with lgbt rights, political freedom and race. thanks for being here on the 9 ahead of your performance in the bay area. >> thank you for having me. >> in talking about your band, you have some openly gay members, some muslim members. looking at what just happened in orlando, you had a performance the very next day. talk about what you addressed. >> we were in d.c. a couple nights ago and woke up on sunday and heard the news. it was obviously a catastrophe. we had the show the next day and we were really concerned about, first of all, the kind of reactions we would be getting from people in the u.s., being part of these two communities which are now pitted against each other, the muslim community and the lgbtq community. for us being arabs and some of us muslims, we've always been
9:51 am
very vocal about how we support things and who we support and then suddenly over here there are people trying to pit these people against each other and it's very discomforting for us. >> how do you think what happened in orlando changes the national conversation about lgbt rights? >> i mean, it's very hard to hear somebody like donald trump go ahead and say, like, this actually reenforces his statements to ban muslims are from entering the country. this is a conversation much more complicated, that there are problems implicated within the u.s. itself. this kind of discrimination or harsh criticism reenforces these kinds of feelings for people and it's very dangerous. >> talk about your music. what do you hope your music's message is, if it has a message? >> first of all, i think it's poshlt r important to say as --
9:52 am
it's important as artists that we show a different face of the arab world. i think it's important to show there are alternative ways of thinking. there are young people who are looking to change things, misconceptions and kind of preconceptions about the arab world, and i think we're a big part of that. >> we had a short lived ban recently by the jordanian authorities. they claimed some of our lyrics and songs kind of promote things that were immoral to the jordanian community. but there was a hugeout cry from the fans, the media, huge pressure and they ended up reversing their decision. >> can you talk briefly about perhaps the generational difference you might be seeing, young 20-something people coming to our shows where maybe their
9:53 am
parents would never have come? >> we see that less and less. we see the authorities in the arab world are the people in control of the media and of government and kind of the market, and they are less prepared to accept new ways of thinking into the world. we see a huge kind of outcry from young people, but also from older people, people who would like to see their children growing up in, you know, more open minded and more accepting communities. they have been very supportive of what we're trying to do. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> you should know that they're performing tonight at san francisco's great american music hall. tickets are still available. go to for more information and look under the web links section at the top of our home page. thank you so much for joining us on the 9. we'll be right back. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you so much. >> tell them i said hello. >> thank you. thank you.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2: the 9. as we reported just 40 minutes ago, warriors center andrew bogut will miss the rest of the nba finals because of that injury he suffered to his left knee in game 5. but the warriors, they will get draymond green back for game 6 tomorrow. meantime, according to sports illustrated, a disgraced former referee says the league suspended draymond green to, quote, prolong the series and for the entertainment value.
9:57 am
everyone remember former referee tim dungee? he was imprisoned for a year for his role in a gambling scandal in which he allegedly bet on games and made calls that affected the points spread. >> points shaving is what he was doing. now that bogut is out, the warriors may go small. >> we'll be watching tomorrow night. thanks for joining us this morning here on the 9. see you back here for the noon. have a great day. at day.
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it's the wendy williams show. >> wendy: how you doin'? >> wendy: my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here's wendy! ♪ ♪ >> wendy: so hello! thank you for watching. hello.


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